Eight of the Toughest, Longest Lasting Cars out on the Road Today
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Some cars are built to last and some are not. Some are designed for tough terrains and some are not. Some are designed for long-haul drives and, you guessed it, some are not. This is just the way it is, some cars are tougher and longer lasting than others. And, if you’re a frequent driver and need a car that is going to get you from A to B to Z and back again more than once a week, then it would be prudent for you to get yourself one of these long lasting types of cars. And if you don’t know where to start when looking for such a car, then, fortunately, you can find eight of them below.
Toyota Corolla Toyota-Corolla-Dailycarblog If it’s not broken, and for that matter never breaks, why fix it? That is seemingly the mantra of the Toyota Corolla, and is the reason why it has long been a reliable car choice. Yes, it may be seen to be quite a basic kind of car. Yes, it may feature simple car technologies. And yes, even Corollas made in the last two years or so may still come with the same four-speed automatic transmission that Corollas of the 90s came ready made with. But, the Corolla seemingly always hits the 200,000 mile mark without fail, and without too much heavy maintenance either. So, if you’re a driver that values getting where you want to go over being flashy, then look no further than the Corolla. Subaru Outback Subaru-Outback-Dailycarblog Subarus come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are fun, fast cars that cover the ground in next to no time, and some are workhorses that get you from A to B to Z; the Subaru Outback most certainly fits into the workhorse category. It do so because it is a tough car that can be trusted. It does so because it is a car that teeters on the edge of crossover and wagon, and that should tell you everything you need to know about its build. It does so because it is a car that can take the rough with the tumble on an off-road terrain, and then drive smoothly when back on the road. And it does so because it is a vehicle that remains a frequent fixture on roads around the world because of the fact that it just doesn’t break. Honda Accord Honda-Accord-Dailycarblog Whether you get the Honda Accord in its coupe edition or its sedan edition, you’re going to be getting a reliable car. You’re going to be getting a car that comes packed with either a four-cylinder or a V-6 model engine. You’re going to get a car that has six-speed manual transmission, and thus the driving performance that allows. And, most important of all, you’re going to be getting a car that will rarely have to see the inside of a mechanics garage. And, if you truly want to get all you can out of the Honda Accord, then stay away from any hybrid models of it that may be found out there. Ford Taurus One of the most famously long lasting cars of all time is the Ford Crown Victoria. Unfortunately, however, this car is no longer in production and hasn’t been for a number of years now, which is the reason why it hasn’t made it onto this list. But, it’s natural predecessor, the Ford Taurus, is here to represent it and all the other long lasting Fords out there! But, don’t worry, the Taurus deserves to be here for more than just its name alone. It deserves to be here because it consistently appears for sale at car dealerships having passed the illustrious 200,000 mile checkpoint. This is in part mainly to its V-6 engine, the most reliable of all the engines in all the world. Nissan Maxima Nissan-Maxima-Dailycarblog The V-6 engine can be found in the Nissan Maxima, too, which instantly tells you why this is a car that is deemed to be so reliable. But, it’s not just the engine that makes the Maxima so reliable, it’s its other mechanical components as well, one of which being its automatic transmission gearbox. If hitting that 200,000 mile mark is your goal with the next car that you purchase, then let that next car be the Maxima. Chevrolet Impala The Chevrolet Impala may not have won much in the way of awards and accolades given by car reviewers, but it is just about as durable a car as there is out on the road today. Again, it has been proven that this car regularly hits the 200,000 mile mark — the apparent barometer of how durable and long lasting a car is. If you are a driver that values actually getting to where you want to get to, rather than looking good whilst doing it, then the Impala could be the car for you. But, when choosing an Impala, just make sure not to choose one from the 2010 line of models as Consumer Reports have deemed there to be rather problematic. Honda Odyssey Honda-Odyssey-Dailycarblog The Honda Odyssey has well and truly redefined the family minivan; so, if you want to take your family away on holiday, then make sure it features in any new vehicle plans you may have between now and next summer. You should make sure you consider the Odyssey if you are going on a long journey with your family because its engine and transmission performance is second to none, meaning you will reach your destination, no matter how far away it is, with no trouble. What’s more, the Odyssey is just about as spacious as they come, but you’d expect that from a vehicle that is redefining the minivan, wouldn’t you? GMC Yukon GMC-Yukon-Dailycarblog The GMC Yukon, especially the models built between 2011 and 2013, are deemed to be some of the most reliable cars ever made available to drivers. Again, this is a car that regularly clocks in at over 200,000 miles, without having suffered from any wear and tear or mechanical failures at all. What’s more, this GMC SUV looks sleek and stylish, despite it’s big size, especially when it comes in matte black! As you can see, the cars above aren’t necessarily flashy or sporty or fast or pricey. They’re not all cars that you’d expect to see being driven around Monaco or Beverly Hills, California. But, what they will do that their flashy car cousins won’t is go that extra mile when you really need them to. What they are is tough and long lasting, and it will take a lot to beat them. In fact, it will take an incident that is no fault of their own, or the drivers that drive them, to beat them. So, if you don’t want to join the thousands upon thousands of people every year that are having to say ‘scrap my car’ because they opted for a flashy, not-so-strong car then make sure you get a car that isn’t likely to going to need to be scrapped through a fault of its own. More to the point, make sure you get a car that is listed above. Or, if the cars above don’t get your motors running, then check out another list of the longest lasting cars on the road in 2017. By doing so, and then buying a long lasting car from whatever list you choose, you’ll probably find yourself not having to get yourself a new car for many, many years — if ever!
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