McLaren Unveil Track Focused P1 GTR Design Concept
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Its taken 20 years but finally McLaren have revealed a successor the now legendary McLaren F1 GTR the P1 GTR Design Concept, which is a bit mis-leading because McLaren are going to launch this soon pretty much unchanged. The P1 GTR Concept previews a track focused  race car, it uses the same 3.8-litre, twin-turbo V8 hybrid powerstation found in the road going version, however power has been increased from 986bhp to 1,000bhp. McLaren-P1-GTR-C The P1 GTR will be entirely for track use and customers will have to participate with McLaren Special Operations unit which will run and maintain the cars. McLaren’s focus for the P1 GTR is simple, to develop the best most track-focused racer yet. The P1 borrows aerodynamic technology from Formula one, DRS from the large fixed rear wing to a push to pass system, the whole car has been thoroughly re-engineered from the ground up. Special 19-inch Pirelli tyres have been developed to maximize grip, cornering ability and handling balance. McLaren-P1-GTR-B McLaren haven’t revealed the full technical specs or pricing but you won’t be able to buy a P1 GTR and drive it back home or even have it delivered. Owners will be forced to subscribe, presumably free, to McLaren’s bespoke P1 GTR driver programme. Run by McLaren Special Operations, the programme will enable one-one driver development and the full disposal of McLaren’s motorsport backroom staff. McLaren-P1-GTR-A The P1 GTR Concept, that isn’t actually a concept, but a fully developed product, will be launched during a private event at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance show in California.  McLaren-P1-GTR-D
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