Ineos it's not a Land Rover Defender Grenadier
Ineos Grenadier Continues Fantasy That It Is Not A Land Rover Defender
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Do you know what it takes for us to effectively defend Land Rover? Let me illustrate it this way: The Daily Car Blog and Land Rover are akin to Optimus Prime and Megatron calling a truce, joining forces, and fighting together for a common cause, before Megatron ultimately betrays Optimus Prime, restarting the war all over again.

It pains me to admit that every time we throw Molotov cocktails at the Ineos Grenadier, we inadvertently end up defending the wretched Land Rover brand. However, we consider the Ineos Grenadier to be such an affront that we have no other option but to indirectly defend Megatron. The Ineos Grenadier exists in a state of denial; it imitates the Land Rover Defender and tries to erase its past with a foolish re-brand.

Further denials ensue, with Marketing launching verbose and stupid PR campaigns. The established British motoring press remains silent about Ineos’s state of denial. However, they have no issue in launching a meticulously worded ‘bombing campaign’ if a Chinese company were to replicate Ineos’s actions. For the established press, it’s all about access.

That’s why we, here at DCB, detest the Ineos Grenadier—it lacks originality. But most of all, Ineos wants you to believe that it’s original, that it isn’t a Land Rover Defender. However, we simply cannot jump on that bandwagon because the original and iconic Land Rover Defender, despite its many flaws, should never be diminished by a mere facsimile.

Ineos it's not a Land Rover Defender Grenadier
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