40 Car Pile Up Resemble Incoming Missiles & War Zone During Heavy Snow
You see these stories, incidents every winter. Heavy snow, stupid drivers driving too quickly for the conditions, idiots who use the brakes and not a combination of engine-braking and brakes to decelerate crash in very tricky conditions. This particular incident occurred on December 29, 2017 on a highway in Muskegon, Michigan USA . YouTuber, Capt Kirk Heilman, is caught up in the developing incident as cars are crashing around him.
He remains remarkably calm as vehicles fly in like incoming missiles and is whacked at least three times. What’s even more remarkable is that people in Muskegon actually drive in these conditions and even more remarkable is that local authorities haven’t spent time clearing the roads of said snow. But the real question is, the bad weather that caused this pile-up, is it a result of global warming?  Winter-Driving-Crash-Muskegon-December-2017-Dailycarblog
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