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Top Motorcycles You Should Consider If You Are Newbie Biker
If you have been a car enthusiast for your entire life and you want to make the big switch over to motorcycles, it can be very difficult when you are choosing that first bike to own. After all, you don’t want to go for one which is better suited to more advanced riders. So, here are a few of the top motorcycles on the market which are suited to first-time bikers. KTM Duke 390 KTM Duke This lightweight bike is great as a first-time choice as the engine is powerful enough for you to enjoy highway driving, without being so strong that you will end up losing control of it. It is a single cylinder bike which makes it a little more mechanically simple. Check out parts on Solo Moto if and when you need them. The sense of stability that this bike provides also makes it good for beginners. Honda CB250 Honda CB250       If you are more focused on style than speed, the CB250 may well be the bike for you. As well as being simple to run, they are also very affordable so you can get one to learn the ropes of biking before moving onto something a little more advanced if you like. Kawasaki Ninja 250 Kawasaki-Nija-250-Dailycarblog There are a number of reasons why the Ninja 250 makes the ultimate first-time bike. First of all, it is very competitively priced and easily available. If you decide to upgrade, you are likely to be able to recoup much of your expenditure. Secondly, it is an easy bike to maintain. As well as being powerful enough to get you around without being overly dangerous, it is also sharp-looking and stylish. Suzuki SV650   Suzuki SV650 Another popular first-time bike is the SV650, which offers a comfortable riding position and smooth driving experience. Again, it is not too powerful, but it is strong enough to hold its own. A further advantage that this particular bike holds is that it is easily upgradable, so you can get a higher level of performance without getting an entirely new bike. Honda CB300F   Honda CB300F For many motorbike enthusiasts, this bike has a little bit of everything. As well as being lightweight and offering a decent amount of power, it also offers fuel efficiency and it is also excellent ergonomically. So, this is the kind of bike where practicality and performance exist comfortably side by side. Star Bolt If you have your heart set on a cruiser bike, the Star Bolt may well be the ideal option for you. Reliable, safe and affordable are three words which are commonly associated with this particular motorcycle. Not only this, it is also a very good-looking bike, which is also a big concern for many first-time riders! Anyone of these bikes would make a good choice if you are looking to get into the world of motorcycles, so weigh up your options carefully before settling on one which is right for you.     Top-Motorcycles-To-Consider-Dailycarblog copy
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