Why Driving With A Disability Should Never Be Seen As A Limitation

It’s no secret that cars aren’t usually built with disability in mind. Often being designed to be sleek and attractive, making room for the tools you need to help you with your driving won’t be on the top of their list. Of course, though, there isn’t any reason that a disability should strip this part of your independence, and this post is going to show you how to get it back.

By exploring some of the key tools which can be added to your auto, it should give you a good idea of what can be done when you’re looking for ways to improve your time on the road.
  • What Makes It Hard?
To begin with this, it’s important to understand exactly what makes driving hard for a lot of people suffering from disabilities. Cars are often built in such a way that they require both legs and arms to be operated safely. Using pedals to control braking, acceleration, and gear changing, you will need control of your legs for a regular car. Of course, though, you’ll also need your hands for controls like the steering wheel and handbrake. When you have a disability which impacts these areas, operating a car can feel like an impossible task. But, with the help of modern tools, anyone should be able to get themselves onto the road.
  • Making It Easier
There are loads of tools out there which can make this sort of job easier for you. Motability adaptations come in loads of shapes and sizes, and you will often be able to get them for free if you find the right government scheme. This makes it much easier to find options which work for you, while also giving you the chance to take advantage of them regardless of your situation.
  • Electronic Accelerators: Being able to put power into your car’s engine is essential if you want to drive it, and this is usually controlled using a pedal on the floor. For those without full control of their legs, relying on traditional methods can be very risky, and an electronic alternative should be used. This is one of the most common motability adaptations you will find.
  • Secondary Control Systems: Being able to control steering, braking, and the other fundamental parts of driving with one hand may seem a little far-fetched. Nowadays, though, secondary control systems can give you this power. Not only will this make it safer for you to drive, but it will also make it easier to get on the road.
  • Hoists And Support Systems: For some people, controlling the car won’t be the hard part, and something as simple as climbing into the driver’s seat could be your biggest issue. A hoist can solve this issue, and there are loads of examples out there which can be operated by the person using them. This makes it nice and easy to get yourself on the road, even if you struggle to get into the car.
  • Self-Driving Magic: Blind drivers and other people suffering with issues which prevent driving entirely are often ignored when self-driving cars are brought up. In reality, though, this sort of technology stands to serve these people the most, even if it isn’t quite ready yet. Over the next couple of years, this industry is going to grow and adapt, and this will make it even easier to get yourself on the road.
  The Cars To Choose Finally, as the last thing to consider, choosing the right car for these modifications can make a real difference to your chances at an independent driving career. You will need something larger than most people, as the extra equipment you will be carrying could be quite bulky. Along with this, though, you also need something which is incredibly reliable. A Renault Captur, for example, is much larger than a lot of other cars on the road, giving it the space you will need. Of course, though, Vauxhall is much better known for their quality than Renault, making it important that you research your options before making the final choice. With all of this in mind, it should be a lot easier to start finding ways to remove your disability from the act of driving. When you have to adapt the way you live to meet a condition in everything you do, life can start to get boring, and it will feel like you don’t have any choices. Turning this around shouldn’t be too hard, though, especially if you already have a car to start with.  Daniel-Day-Lewis-My-Left-Foot-Dailycarblog
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