The New Wow-di A6 Avant Is Dressed To Impress
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This is the new Audi A6 Avant estate, and it may well have elbowed the Volvo V90 out of the way for the best-looking estate for any class category. As with all new successor cars it will be slightly longer and wider than the previous generation. The new A6 Avant will mirror the technology and engine range of the new A6 Saloon. So, it will get the same new generation of mild-hybrid engines that are designed to improve efficiency and driveability and the same range of four and six-cylinder TDI and TFSI engines. The-New-Wowdi-Audi-A6-Avant-Rear-View-Dailycarblog Depending on model specification, Quattro all-wheel drive will be offered either as optional or standard and will include an electronic sport-differential to distribute power to the rear wheels. What the latter translates into is… better handling. Speaking of handling the A6 Avant will be offered with four different suspension options. Steel sprung suspension is standard, for a bit more fun you can opt for sports suspension, suspension with damper control or adaptive air/with controlled suspension damping. The-New-Wowdi-Audi-A6-Avant-Boot-Dailycarblog As with the new A6 saloon, the Avant will feature that Star-Trek inspired infotainment system debuted in the A8, complete with the latest connectivity technology. The-New-Wowdi-Audi-A6-Avant-Interior-Dailycarblog And yes that means you can use your Android or Apple smartphone. The Optional extras include a Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System delivering 3D sound clarity through a total of 15 loudspeakers. As with all new cars the A6 Avant will be fully loaded with active and passive safety technology, semi-autonomous driving and even Jedi like self-parking abilities. The-New-Wowdi-Audi-A6-Avant-Side-Elevation-Dailycarblog Despite all the party-trick technologies show-horned into the new A6 Avant its real feature is the boot space which equates to 565 litres with the rear seats raised and 1,680 litres with the rear seats lowered. The new Wow-di A6 Avant will become available for UK ordering later this summer. Pricing will be revealed in the next conveniently timed press release.  The-New-Wowdi-Audi-A6-Avant-Dailycarblog
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