This F1 Halo Concept Actually Looks Palatable
This McLaren halo concept was created by Esa Mustonen, a transport design student based in Lahti, Finland. The 2009 MP4-24 F1 car was used as an inspiration for the basis of the livery design, but the most controversial aspect of F1 in 2018 is the Halo, a loathe-it or accept-it safety device designed to offer the driver head protection. Mustonen has created a ‘like-it’ concept that actually looks way better than what is currently being used and it seems to offer the same levels of protection. However, the current Halo is so designed as to allow the driver the ability to extract himself out of the cockpit with little difficulty, that’s why it is rounder in appearance. Esa-Mustonen-Halo-Concept-Closeup-Dailycarblog Mustonen’s design is more streamlined and looks as though the major design flaw lies in the streamlined design itself. Such a design would make it difficult for the driver to extract himself/herself from the vehicle within the mandatory time required by safety regulations. To eliminate the threat to driver safety and allow for easier self-extraction it may well be possible to design a quick release function that allows for the entire Halo assembly to be removed. Esa-Mustonen-Halo-Concept-Top-View-Dailycarblog We’re quite sure that the designers and researchers have looked at all possible design scenarios and the current design is the best overall solution but with aesthetic compromises. But we do like Mustonen’s concept because it actually looks really good. The current Halo design will evolve but don’t expect it to look as good as this concept.  Esa-Mustonen-Halo-Concept-Dailycarblog
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