Photoshop Genius Re-imagines Upper Class Cullinan As A Red Neck Pick-up Truck
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X-Tomi is the photoshop genius behind many re-imaginations of normal cars turned into either picks-ups, convertibles, coupes or shooting-brake concepts. He actually told us that he is studying to become a lawyer and does his photoshop/digital artwork re-imaginations in his spare time. He has targeted the Very British Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV and turned it into a pick-up truck. Flag waving, red-neck, confederates with lynch-mob mentalities, all over the world, will now be able to identify with the Cullinan. x-Tomi-Very-British-Rolls-Royce-Cullinana-Pick-Up-Rear-View-Dailycarblog The Very British Rolls Royce Cullinan is the firm’s flagship model that will cost £240,000 when it begins retail sales, but right now any potential customer has to get into the pre-order line. x-Tomi-Very-British-Rolls-Royce-Cullinana-Convertible-Dailycarblog copy True to form x-Tomi also managed to squeeze in a convertible version. OUTRAGEOUS!  x-Tomi-Very-British-Rolls-Royce-Cullinana-Pick-Up
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