DUI Mississippi Gas Station crash
Highly Intoxicated Driver Escapes Uninjured After 100mph Shunt Into Gas Station

This is the moment when a driver of a crappy car, in Mississippi decided to drive home from work after consuming way too much beer. Shelby Lynne May hurtled into a gas station at a speed approaching 100mph. She slid off the highway after narrowly avoiding a head-on crash, and as she drunkenly overcorrected the vehicle bolted into a grass verge that acted like a ramp and momentarily launched car and occupant into the air and then crash landing into a gas station pump.

The female driver who smashed into the gas station was not hurt, unfortunately, the local Mississippi Undersheriff Raymond Duke said “She had an angel riding with her, that’s for sure.” No, Raymond, you should not gawp in amazement that the driver walked away uninjured you should be saying it’s a miracle no one else was injured as a result of the selfish act of an irresponsible driver. Raymond, you basically endorsed DUI when you should be condemning it, if the driver had been injured as a result of her own recklessness then she deserves no pity. Fortunately, Shelby Lynn May was arrested but soon posted the $1,500 bail awaiting further legal proceedings.  DUI Mississippi Gas Station crash
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