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Red Bull F1 Play Their Wild Card And Switch To Honda Power For 2019
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It’s done, finally, after years of publically castigating Renault for being unable to build a fast and reliable hybrid-era engine, Red Bull F1 has finally had enough and made the switch to Honda power despite winning two races so far in 2018. It’s an interesting move for sure, not least because Honda was dumped by McLaren after the Woking based squad and Fernando Alonso became fed up with Honda’s continued success at making unreliable and seemingly fragile engines.

McLaren suffered numerous reliability issues when using the Honda hybrid power unit, the team felt that it also lacked performance, basic driveability and was masking the underlying pace of the McLaren chassis, said to be the best in F1. So why would Red Bull F1 make the switch? So McLaren made the switch to Renault power for 2018 and Honda decided to team up with Torro Rosso, Red Bull’s B team. It gave a chance for Red Bull F1 to gain an insight into Honda, this year the engine has been reliable and Honda have worked hard to improve performance. Today Red Bull F1 officially confirmed the switch full works Honda power. Honda have a way to go to match Mercedes and Ferrari but are fairly close to Renault and could be ahead by next year. Red Bull team principal, Christian Horner said, “We have been impressed by Honda’s commitment to F1, by the rapid steps they have made in recent times with our sister team Scuderia Toro Rosso, and by the scope of their ambition, which matches our own,” “This multi-year agreement with Honda signals the start of an exciting new phase in Aston Martin Red Bull Racing’s efforts to compete not just for grand prix wins but for what is always our goal: championship titles.” Of Renault Horner said, “We would like to thank Renault for the past 12 years, a period during which we experienced some incredible moments together.”  The problem McLaren had with Honda was simple, extremely high expectations to deliver past glories now, it didn’t happen. McLaren may well have taken the development pain that eventually paves the way for Red Bull to benefit from in the future. The key asset for Red Bull and Honda is Adrian Newey, the F1 design genius consistently develops the best most advanced chassis in F1. Newey has been responsible for designing multiple world winning championship cars and titles. if Honda can deliver to within 10 percent of Mercedes’ power then its game on for Red Bull and Honda.  Red bull F1 racing to use Honda power for 2019 - Dailycarblog
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