Bentley Continental GT supercar rams into a Mercedes AMG GT,
How Supercar Sharing is Fast Becoming A Viable Alternative To Supercar Ownership

Sports cars are popularly considered as a symbol of financial strength. Anyone who can afford such a vehicle is financially well, many believe. Money is not always the key problem. There are people who can afford a sports car, but their circumstances do not allow the purchase of such a car. The classic example: fathers. Once the first offspring is born, the desire for a sports car diminishes and acquiring a family-friendly car becomes top priority.

But does that mean one has to miss the experience of driving a sports car or supercar? No, there are a lot of affordable sports cars. There is the Audi TT, Mazda MX5, Nissan 350Z or 370Z, BMW M3 (E9x) and so on. All of these are available for a price between 15.000€ and 40.000€. Driving a sportscar is all about emotions. There´s nothing better than hearing the engine roaring while getting pressed into the seat and focusing on the track to catch the perfect corner.

If buying an extra car isn´t an option, or these cars are not „sporty“ enough, then there´s also the option to rent a sports car/super car. It allows men (and women) to drive the car of their dreams, maybe for a weekend or for a whole vacation. Even if it´s just for a day – the experience will be worth it. What could be more fun than a 2-week vacation with family or friends, including your dream car racing through curve after curve? Well, just make sure you´ll only have 2 seats most of the time..

Subara supercar from Fast & Furious 7,

Honestly, the problem goes both ways. Many people who own such a beautiful car often times don´t have enough time to spend with it. So a lot of sports cars end up standing still in a garage, clearly, some of them are supposed to be a „hobby car“ or even an investment. But if time is the only problem why they´re just standing around, why shouldn´t you offer your own car for rental?

A sports car is supposed to be driven, not to stand still waiting for the next start. Also, the car earns money by itself – which is always a nice thing. So if you own a sports car yourself, and feel like you can´t drive it as often as you´d like to, feel free to contact us and insert your car on our platform, absolutely free!

Of course, there´s always one problem with a supercar – they´re usually quite uncomfortable and don´t offer a lot of space to be a real daily driver. In everyday use you also can´t drive the car like it is supposed to be, we all know the traffic issues and speed limitations.

Fortunately, in Germany, there are still many parts without a speed limit. This is especially true for the German highways, the Autobahn. We at DRIVAR® / Motion Drive® have a lot of customers from outside of Germany, who are telling us their biggest wish is „to drive my dream car on a road without speed limitations“. That´s why we invented the „Autobahn Experience“ package exclusively for customers outside of Germany. You can choose between classic German cars like a Porsche 911, Audi R8 or Mercedes AMG GT S, and some more extroverted cars like a Ferrari 458, Lamborghini Aventador, and even a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse! If that doesn´t include your personal dream car feel free to contact us for an individual offer.

Lambroghini supercar Fast & Furious 7,

Sharing is caring – it seems like this applies to supercars too. There are many reasons not to buy a supercar by yourself, but there are also a thousand reasons to drive one by yourself. On the other way, if one owns a sports car – why not share it with others? It allows other people to fulfill their dream and lets the car pay for itself. This is a big win for each side, the sharing concept fits perfectly for supercars.

 Bentley Continental GT supercar rams into a Mercedes AMG GT,
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