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The Most Awesome & Fun Supercars Lottery Winners Should Consider Buying

When you’ve won a cool couple of million dollars, you’ll be in a position to make all those fantasies you’ve been dreaming about come true. One just might be getting behind the wheels of your dream supercar. But which one? There are certain cars that stand out as obvious choices for lottery winners, even with the exceptionally high prices (although that’s kind of the point). While money may be no object; however, it isn’t always the most expensive or the fastest that appeals. Let’s look at a few here.

The best supercars

When you think of spending your big lottery win on big money cars, the likes of the Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche 918, and McLaren P1 probably come to mind. They’ll always be there or thereabouts after having been stealing headlines for some years now. Each feature advanced hybrid powertrains that provide vast amounts of power, along with surprisingly good fuel economy. <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe> The least expensive of this bunch is the Porsche 918, with a price tag of around $845,000. It features the Weissach Package, making the 918 faster and lighter. Porsche are unsurprisingly among the most popular cars for lottery winners, appearing in this top 10 list alongside the likes of Jaguar and Toyota. As you can see, lottery winners tend to be diverse when it comes to their choice of car. With an original price tag of $1.5, the LaFerrari sold for $7 million at a 2016 public auction, making it the highest priced 21st-century car ever sold at an auction. The McLaren P1 comes with a price tag of $1.15 million when first launched. The Ferrari is the most expensive of the three as standard.

Ferrari FXX K and McLaren P1 GTR

Once you’ve acquired a $1 million+ Ferrari or McLaren, you might be able to purchase one of their track-only hardcore variants. These models rank among the world’s most expensive cars- the Ferrari FXX K costs around $2.7 million plus tax, with the McLaren P1 GTR priced at a cool $3.36 million. The P1 GTR is not unlike the Formula 1 racecars when it comes to McLaren’s most extreme models. Only current P1 owners with a team of engineers and extensive driver training can get their hands on one. There are also just 58 in existence, along with 375 standard P1s. So it would take quite an offer to pry one away from one of their current owners.

Low-volume Supercars

There are a number of micro-manufacturers that develop hugely powerful supercars designed for those who are turned off by the mainstream nature off a high-end Lamborghini or Ferrari. It doesn’t mean that they’re available on the cheap, however. Of course, a lottery winner can certainly afford to buy such cars as the Icona Vulcano, Zenvo ST1, or Trion Nemesis, however.
Not all cars on this list drive like they’re on fire. Firstly, you don’t want to run around in a supercar that requires driving skills far beyond your level. You’d just look stupid. Secondly, you don’t want to drive at an insane speed and cause an accident, either involving yourself or others. Or worse still: both. Remember, you still have all that money to spend.  Lottery winings and supercars, dailycarblog
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