David Beckham - Motorcycle Accident
What To Do If You Get Into A Motorcycle Accident

As much fun as you have riding your motorbike, there’s always the potential for an accident. As a rider, you should be well-informed so as to know exactly what to do in case this unfortunate incident occurs. 

While an accident between two cars is a “fender bender” and may leave the driver unscathed, motorcycle riders have it worse as they rarely escape an accident without injuries. This is what to do if you get into a motorcycle accident: 

Get to safety but leave your bike behind

As a motorcycle rider, your bike is your “baby”. This means that your first instinct after an accident will be to check on it and try to retrieve any broken pieces that the bike may have. But, this is a bad idea for some reasons. 

Staying at the crash location puts you and other users in harm’s way. You’ll secure yourself and other road users by removing yourself from the crash. Moving the motorcycle can cause further injuries and compromise evidence at the same time. Even if you don’t end up in court, seeking compensation from your insurance company will need photos of the original crash scene. 

Keep all your gear on

Removing your helmet and riding gear is counterintuitive after an accident. Yet, this can result in serious injuries and damage to your head, neck, and spine. Even removing your gloves or boot is not recommended as there could be an existing injury in the area. 

To be completely safe, limit movement and rest in a neutral position until emergency services can come to your rescue. But if you’re part of a light crash, have a first aid kit that will help you to deal with bruises and light scratches. 

Seek the services of a motorcycle accident lawyer

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, the compensation that you receive from the driver who injured you is dependent on the skills and experience of the motorcycle accident lawyer in Philadelphia that you hire to represent you. 

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It’s best to go with a reputable lawyer that has handled similar cases. You don’t want to work with an out-of-state lawyer because they may not be as familiar with local court processes. You’re also not looking for a lawyer who is a general practitioner. You’re seeking a personal injury lawyer who is familiar with your case and cour processes. 

The Bottom Line

Driving safe should be your daily commitment as a motorcycle rider. Knowing what to do after an accident will help in staying put until help comes your way. It will also prevent your injuries from becoming more severe. 

And while these tips will help you get by when the unfortunate happiness is, they are not a replacement for safe driving on the road. Mitigating your risks is the first step to doing so.

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David Beckham - Motorcycle Accident
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