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Confused About Car Rental Insurance? Read This Guide

From corporate events to that pending road trip, you can rent a car for many reasons. However, insurance is one option you can decide to opt for or not during this process. In most cases, individuals who avail car rentals certainly take out car rental insurance lobbied by car rental firms. This is because it is necessary in case they will meet an accident while driving a rented car.

We have included useful car rental insurance tips that you must know to avoid paying more than what you should on car rental insurance. 

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Important car Rental Insurance Tips

Hidden Costs

Usually, it is necessary to pay insurance for your car rentals, but not in all cases. Paying insurance for your car rentals will end up in paying additional fees even though you have already paid for it on the rental contract. Thus, hidden costs are again a major headache in your car rentals.


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To determine if you need to pay online or in cash for the insurance that most car rental firms collect, the best thing to do is do some research to determine the kind of insurance coverage you already have. You will find that your car insurance is enough to cover various types of damages in most instances. From brake repair to catalytic converter replacement, usually, all aspects are covered in insurance.

All individuals who own a vehicle have an insurance policy that provides them some extent of coverage in damage, theft, or any other mishap done to the car. Although most of these policies vary, the same coverage is also effective for car rentals in most cases. In other words, if your car is fully insured, the same thing also applies even if you are driving any rental car.

Consult With Insurance Agent 

Before turning down any car rental insurance offered by your car rental firm, ensure that you have communicated with your insurance agent or any representative from the insurance company that holds your policy to verify and ensure that your insurance covers car rentals. If your car insurance does not provide any coverage to car rentals, you will end up losing thousands of dollars for your bill later on.

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However, it can be avoided by phoning your insurance company in advance. Even if you do not have any plans of renting cars in the future, it is still a wise idea that you find out today whether your policy offers car rental coverage. You can use any information that you can get today for future reference.

The Non-owner Car Liability Insurance Policy

In case your car insurance does not fully or sufficiently cover car rentals, it does not mean that you will have to pay large amounts of money for the insurance fee that car rental firms will charge you. There are still options you can take that your car rentals are covered in case of an accident, resulting in damages to the car. There are insurance companies that provide specific policies for their clients who frequently use rented cars.

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One of these is the non-owner car liability insurance policy. It provides comprehensive protection for drivers who do not have a car of their own. Although you do not have your car insurance policy, this policy will offer you the financial security you need without submitting to your car rental firm’s high insurance demands.

Final Word

Whether taking out any of the aforementioned insurance policies, keep in mind that your goal is to pay the expenses you need and save money for other more important expenditures. Although your rented cars are temporary, the savings that you will generate are going to be permanent for sure.

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