Bugatti Chiron Off Roader -
Someone Just Created This Bugatti Chiron Off-Roader

That someone is industrial designer Rafal Czanieki who is plying his creative expertise in Shenzhen, China at the moment. The small number of individuals who have the money to invest into buying a Bugatti Chiron would not contemplate turning a £3 million ultra car into a $3 million ultra-offroader. Besides you might just knock one or two million off the investment. And let’s be real here, a Bugatti Chiron is an investment first and foremost. Very few owners will experience the full force of the 8.0-litre, 16-cylinder, 1,500bhp / 1180 lb-ft of torque (1600Nm) power and 245mph top speed

Bugatti Chiron Off Roader - Front -

Depreciation is the high-blood pressure of the automotive world. The more miles you put onto a car the less it is worth. However, even in the unlikely event of a Chiron clocking 50,000 miles it would never lose value because of its rarity and immense cost. As far as we know, over 250 Chirons out of 500 have been sold since it was introduced in 2016. And while Bugatti will release a number of exclusive models and special editions along the way, Rafal Czanieki has beaten the Molsheim company at their own game.

Bugatti Chiron Off Roader - Rear -

Albeit in the virtual world, Czanieki created his Bugatti off-roader within the memory banks of a solid-state hard drive. And as off-roaders go, this Chiron has all the basics covered, the off-road tyres, raised suspension and front and rear bull bars. Cost? a couple of hours rendering and a few beers.

Bugatti Chiron Off Roader -
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