Ford Fiesta ST, Crappy Ford wins Doug DeMuro's heart
Ford Fiesta ST Is A Used Car Bargain Says Doug DeMuro… La Honte!

As we here at DCB continue our summer annual leave we plan on updating whenever the hell we feel like. This is due to a few unusual circumstances faced by us here in Englandshire. Primarily the weather, long periods of summer sun have been all too common during the past two months, a rare event in Englandshire. So, as part of our research, we will continue to study the effects of enjoying a proper Britishshire summer. But not in a Ford Fiesta ST.

Our collective jaws dropped when we saw Doug DeMuro post a positive video about the Ford Fiesta ST. Our hearts sank when Doug extolled the virtues of the Ford Fiesta ST for being a used car bargain. It is true that most used Fords do become bargains and there is a common reason for that… because they are crap. The Ford Fiesta ST is a 197bhp powered hot hatch weighing just under a tonne, our detailed, empirical research tells us it is better crap than a bog standard crappy Ford Fiesta. One thing we don’t understand about used car valuations, when people say this car or that crappy Ford is a used car bargain they are actually wrong. A depreciating asset holds no true value unless you form part of a criminal network such as the Church, banking industry or the political elite. So when someone says this or that used car is a bargain it isn’t, losing money is never a bargain. Please note: Football will not be coming home to England, France will win the 2018 World Cup.  Ford Fiesta ST, Crappy Ford wins Doug DeMuro's heart
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