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BMW Reveal The Rubbish i8 Roadster
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The BMW i8 Roadster is finally revealed, but we say BMW makes rubbish cars, a nonsense argument-without-merit we have been making for some time here on DCB. To our surprise, the 2018 J.D power survey revealed that BMW does indeed make rubbish cars, a proven statistical fact that we can now manipulate for our own benefit. Manipulating data or making things up is common practice within professional journalism, usually, for the purposes, of serving corporate interests under the guise of hiding behind the banner of respectable journalism.

These respectable journalists working for respectable publications have the desire to make up talking points and gas-light a topic that will either distract or financially benefit the corporate interest. We have no such relations to serve, we are independent and while our standard of journalism is so poor we, nevertheless, are better than the professional journalists who rank far above us. BMW i8 Roadster, California, None of us here at Daily Car Blog could ever hope to achieve employment within a major publication, and you know what? we not concerned in the slightest. So what the hell has this got to do with the BMW i8 Roadster? Admittedly we are just trying to fill the word count, but one thing is irrefutable… BMW make rubbish cars. But no sane motoring journalist would ever say that directly to BMW PR people, it is grossly insulting to bite the hand that feeds you. BMW i8 Roadster, interior Motoring journalists do not want to lose access to Press Fleets, in many ways it’s a source of income for the journalist, review car, write-up, publish and get paid for sloshing around in a car. So, the BMW i8 Roadster isn’t a rubbish car, it’s an expensive rubbish car, an over the top statement for what is a technically interesting hybrid supercar that uses the mid-mounted, 3-cylinder turbo-charged engine from a Mini and combines it with a front mounted electric motor. BMW i8 Roadster, rear view, The new i8 Roadster has a strengthened carbon-fiber frame to make up for the loss of the roof, more strengthening means more weight, 60kg to be precise. The combination of the electric motor and petrol engine allows the i8 Roadster to emit 368bhp and the 0-62mph time is good for 4.6 seconds while top speed is limited to 155mph. BMW claims the combined fuel economy is 55mpg but let’s face it if your bank balance allows you to afford a £124k hybrid supercar cabriolet then are you really going to care about the fuel economy? BMW i8 Roadster, side view, Hybrids allow for a short burst of pure electric driving, BMW claims to have upped the pure electric range from 23 miles to 33 miles. That claim is a bit suspicious because the i8 roadster has an increase in weight, hybrid and electric cars are particularly sensitive to increases in weight which can have an effect on pure electric range. Nevertheless, we started this article by saying all BMW’s are rubbish, in reality, they make perfectly good cars, with great quality but have reliability issues, more than they should. In addition, they make some truly great cars, the M4 is peerless by definition, a supercar on par with a Porsche 911 GT3. I suppose the point is that one should never to listen to the marketing and never listen to motoring journalists, the vast majority of whom seem more interested in smooching with BMW’s marketing department than actually doing journalism. So is the BMW i8 Roadster rubbish, we’ll never know but i wouldn’t buy one because roadsters/cabriolets are bought by posers, usually balding, and that’s why we wouldn’t by the rubbish BMW i8 Roadster. This has been an entirely pointless and possibly rubbish article.  BMW i8 Roadster,
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