Gunther Werks, Porsche 993 Project,
This Carbon Bodied, Bespoke 993 Will Make You Fall In Love With Porsche
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If we’re correct, and 99.99 percent of the time we’re not, we reckon there are more car-tuners/modifying companies than there are automotive manufactures. We say this based on no empirical data. Nor do we use the great Ben’s critical analysis chain of thought to reach such a conclusion.

So like all bad, large news-media outlets we just make things up because that’s what professional journalism is all about in the 21st century.

But on rare occasions, we don’t need to make anything up to suit a narrow-minded corporate agenda because this Porsche 993 was literally made up by Gunther Werks.

Gunther Werks, Porsche 993 Project, rear view,

Gunther Werks specialises in making aftermarket carbon fiber composite parts for luxury vehicles and sports cars, their reach is global.

Gunther Werks, Porsche 993 Project, ducktail,

They also do a bit on the side. Their latest side-project is a full carbon composite reproduction of the Porsche 993. And it looks absolutely delightful. better than the original.

The body is widened at the front and rear to sit on a racing spec chassis. The internal mechanical components are completely modern.

Gunther Werks, Porsche 993 Project, interior

The Gunter Werks Porsche 993 is fitted with a bespoke Clubsport Coil Over Suspension, upgraded bushes, and a hydraulic nose lift.

A carbon composite body is guaranteed to be naturally stiffer and lighter than a steel bodied 993. But this is Gunther Werks, and for good measure their 993 has a front strut brace to add additional stiffness.

Gunther Werks, Porsche 993 Project, bucket seats,

Every panel you see here is bespoke and manufactured from carbon composite materials. From the ‘Ducktail rear spoiler to the bespoke design alloy wheels that are based on the original classic look of the period.

Rothsport Racing provided the power which is a 4.0-litre, naturally aspirated 430bhp, 381Nm torque flat-six engine.

Gunther Werks, Porsche 993 Project, side elevation

Our highlight is the bespoke carbon fiber blacked bucket seats trimmed in real red leather.

Only 25 examples will ever be made and each one will cost £500,000 each…. ouch!

Gunther Werks, Porsche 993 Project,
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