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The Mercedes X Class Is A Fraud, Buy The Real Thing Instead, The Nissan Navara
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Please, please, please do not buy the Mercedes X Class. The Mercedes X Class is a fraud. It’s purchased by people who say they dine at 5-star restaurants but really only have enough money for a McDonalds meal. The prestigious X Class is a Nissan Navara with a Mercedes badge. OK so the Mercedes X Class has undergone a few styling updates and has a Mercedes interior. However, The X Class is a little bit like stitching a Yes Saint Laurent label onto a pair of jeans from F&F.

That’s why we say go for the real thing, buy F&F if you want but don’t pretend its huate-corture.

Do not buy the X Class, but do buy the Nissan Navara. Beware, most Nissan’s feel a little bit ‘tinny’. The Navara is no exception. But at least it’s it’s been developed as a proper pick-up from the ground up.

And now the Nissan Navara is available, in the UK, as a special edition. The Navara N-Guard sounds like a Gillette brand of shaving foam and in many ways it is.

The Nissan Navara N-Guard is actually based on the range-topping Tenka trim, however, the N-Guard (it is a stupid name) gets a special edition black paint finish… oh-yeah!

OK, so Nissan will offer the special edition (which we will now refer to as the Shaving Foam) in three colors, Storm White, Twilight Grey and Metallic Grey.

The Nissan Navara special edition Shaving Foam will also get new external design treatments. These include new front and rear bumper designs door handles, mirror covers, front grille and fog lamp designs.

Nissan Navara Shaving Foam Navara Special Edition, side view dailycarblog

The Shaving Foam will also come with special edition 18-inch alloy wheels, roof rails darkened headlights, matching side steps and a sunroof. The pointless exterior graphics decals are… special edition highlights.

Standard equipment includes Hill Descent, Hill Start Assist, Intelligent Emergency Braking. If you want your Nissan Shaving Foam with a rear limited-slip differential, then expect to find it in the options list.

Power will be sourced from the 190bhp Renault 2.3-litre dCi engine, which is always a worry, and the Nissan Shaving Foam special edition will be offered with either a manual or automatic.

UK prices for the Nissan Shaving Foam special edition will start from £28k and up to £29k for the manual and or automatic versions respectively.

We never recommend buying a Nissan, the exception being the GT-R, but if you think the Mercedes X Class looks cool then don’t buy it for that very reason.

Regrettably, our advice is to buy the real thing and go for the Nissan Shaving Foam special edition.

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Nissan Navara Shaving Foam Special Edition, dailycarblog
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