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Why You Should Always Buy American If You Want A Pickup

Let’s face it the Americans know how to do two things really, really well… better than the rest of the world really well. One, invading petrodollar countries in the guise of a rebellion under the secret direction of the CIA. Two is Pickup Trucks. The Americans know how to make pickup trucks. Not even the German’s can make a decent Pickup Truck. They tried and what did they get? The Nissan Mercedes X Class fraud.

Don’t buy the Mercedes Nissan X-Class, it’s just a rebadged Nissan in any other name. And Don’t buy a Nissan Navara, it’s just a Renault in any other name. And just don’t ever consider buying a Renault. The average American pickup truck is massive and we really don’t why or for what reason. However, Americans buy them in their droves. Equally so we really don’t know why Americans buy guns in their droves. An image springs to mind If you combine Pickup Truck and guns. What you get is Al Qaeda. All-in-all the American mad Pickup Truck reigns supreme in the land of the free. But we reckon American isn’t going to turn into a land of Technical Vehicles with a 50 caliber M2 or HShk 1938 heavy machine gun strapped into the loading bay. The top-selling vehicles in America in the first half of the year of 2018 are the Ford F-Series, Chevrolet Silverado, and Ram Pickup. Sadly Americans also like the Nissan Rogue SUV, or the Nissan Diddly-Squat as it is known in Europe. Doug DeMuro reviews the GMC Sierra Denali and reckons it’s the “the king of the luxury Pickup truck”.  Pickup Truck, America, Americans, Dailycarblog.com
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