Mercedes EQC electric car,
Dawn of The Planet of The Electric Crossover, The Mercedes EQC
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Even before we start there is already a problem with all-new all-electric Mercedes EQC. It is a crossover, so it’s a car/estate/possibly SUV all in 1. That’s another debate away, and personally speaking, I would not buy into the first generation of electric cars, but again that is another debate away. The Mercedes EQC is a fully electric crossover and signals the beginning of the end of the piston-powered engine. Possibly.

While the demise of ICE engines will be deliberately slowed, environmental concerns and government policy has forced car manufacturers to go kicking and screaming into adopting EV as a future means of transport. The Mercedes ECQ is really going back to the future. Mercedes EQC electric car, side elevation, Electric cars are not new, they have been in existence for over 100 years. Because fossil fuels were cheaper, as a means of power, every car manufacture since has developed ICE powered cars. Now the circle is almost complete. And while Tesla has got a head start in developing EVs Mercedes’ entry into what is a very small market is significant. The Mercedes EQC follows a design language used by current Mercedes SUV’s both externally and internally. It has hints of the Mercedes GLC about it. But the overall design is more rounded, indeed Mercedes omitted the roof rails to aid areodynamic efficiency. Mercedes EQC electric car, rear view   The lightweight alloy wheels, which will range in size from 19-21-inches, have also been aerodynamically optimised. The interior follows design trends borrowed from the E Class and S Class. Indeed the ECQ’s interior seems to have been inspired by the Jaguar XJ interior. The way how the ECQ dash wraps-around from the passenger to drivers door is very Jaguar XJ. The louvers air vents are stylish but seem out of place in what is an otherwsie conservatively styled interior. Mercedes EQC electric car, Jaguar XJ inspired interior,   Indeed the digital displays and much of the technology is borrowed from Mercedes’ current offerings, so nothing new there. What is new is the adoption of a fully electric drivetrain. The Mercedes EQC has four electric motors mounted on each axle. The combined power output is 405 bhp and a whopping 765nm of torque. Top speed is limited to 111mph while 0-62mph takes just 5.1 seconds. The 80kWh lithium-ion battery has a claimed range of 279 miles. Mercedes EQC electric car, front view, To improve efficency and range the Mercedes EQC is front wheel drive… most of the time. The biggest drawback of electric vehicles is the to do with charging. However, Mercedes will offer a fast charging system that can recharge the ECQ from 10-80 percent in approximately 40 minutes. Mercedes has yet to confirm launch details or pricing of the ECQ but it will be in a showroom near you in Q3 2019.  Mercedes EQC electric car,
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