Bugatti Divo, Shmee150,
Shmee150 Stares The Bugatti Divo In The Face And Lives To Tell All

All round lucky git (define git, British: Meaning: a foolish or worthless person, although in this case it is meant as a term of endearment) yet again gets invites to the most exclusive car launches… in the world. And what do we here at DCB get? nothing, nada, нічога, 没有, Méiyǒu, nic, ikke noget, ei mitään,nichts, ingenting!

Just over two weeks ago Shmee150, aka Tim, was as at the launch of what is a Chiron special edition. The external styling language of this Chiron has been ramped up to DEFCON 1 and as a result, the visual impression is as transcendental as an event horizon. This is the Buggati Divo, radical looking, improved aerodynamics all from that unchanged but unhinged 1,500bhp 8.0-litre, W16, quad-turbo engine. To deliver even more extreme amounts of performance the Divo has undergone a radical weight reduction program. Bugatti managed to reduce the overall weight by 35kg. That’s about the weight of a small child, so the Bugatti Divo isn’t about extreme performance because it’s performance is extreme enough already. The Bugatti Divo is about looking extreme. That said Bugatti has improved the braking system and suspension to make the Divo handle prodigiously better than the standard Chiron. Asking price? €5 million plus taxes. And only 40 Divos will ever be made which will make it an investment for future generations to make a profit from. Of the 500 Bugatti Chirons scheduled for production over the next 10 years, 100 have already been delivered. In many ways, the Bugatti Divo is a Dickensian snapshot of the division of 21st-century wealth. for example, I am just a poor journalist looking forward to a miserable retirement and virtually non-existent pension pot. Yet I look up to this car as though it is life changing. In the end, the Bugatti was made of the earth and will one day return to it. God (if he does exist) bless the Bugatti Divo.  Bugatti Divo, Shmee150,
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