Man Race Ends Badly For Nissan GTR Owner
This is the moment a race between a Nissan GTR and Ferrari 458 Spider was comprehensibly won by the 458, the action was captured on a dash board camera. The unofficial race was being held between two hot head owners who probably met by chance and figured it was time to pit each against the other. This was a “man race”. Only the race ended badly for the Nissan GTR owner who got squeezed into the crash barrier by the Ferrari. The rest is history as the GTR looses rear traction and is pitched into a spin hitting an innocent motorist in retaliation for his or her stupidity. Its got to be a him. It always is. But the question is who is better the of the two… neither the’re both of them idiots. We say race on a track not on a public road.  Ferrari-458-Spider-vs-Nissan-GTR-Crash
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