Rivian RT1 broken by JerryRigEverything
JerryRigEverything Broke His Rivian R1T Pickup

YouTuber JerryRigEveryThing owns a brand new Rivian RT1 Pickup Truck. JerryRig by name JerryRig by nature. The YouTuber has already digitally clocked 1,500 miles. It is a cool-looking truck and it’s pure electric which means it has early adopter pros and cons. JerryRigEverthing really does put the RT1 through its paces.

Loading dirt, cardboard, towing a horsebox is all in a day’s work for this particular Rivian RT1. But something broke, turns out it’s a minor inconvenience and probably caused by the user and not the RT1.

But it is interesting to see the next generation of electric pickup trucks actually being used as intended. Although most buyers of the Rivian RT1 will use their purchase for a morning coffee run, not the great outdoors as is the case with JerryRigEverthing.

Rivian RT1 broken by JerryRigEverything
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