Scotty Kilmer on used sports cars
5 Used Sports Cars You Should Never Buy According To Scotty Kilmer

Freed from captivity, YouTube superstar mechanic, Scotty Kilmer is back on the prowl. This time he diverts his Sauron like gaze towards sports cars. And as usual Scotty gets straight to the point. But the popular YouTuber saved his particular ire for Porsche, using his trademark catchphrase “endless money pit”.

Every car other than a Toyota is an endless money pit according to the Law of Kilmer. Viewers were quick to fire-back in the comments section.

Windyworm 1 month ago “So a quick look in the internet shows that 97.4% of Porsche 911 built in the last 25 years are still on the road. 70% of Porches ever built are still on the road.”

The Law of Kilmer has no bounds.


Scotty Kilmer on used sports cars
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