Autogefuhl Reviews The New BMW Mini Countryman… In Full HD

Autogefühl boldly highlights that the Mini Countryman is manufactured in Germany, adding to the confusion surrounding the brand’s identity. The question arises: Is BMW Mini British or German? It’s akin to encountering one of those “Twinned With” road signs in a town you’ve almost heard of.

BMW Mini epitomizes a collaborative partnership endorsed by two distinct communities residing hundreds of miles apart. To clear up any confusion, the brand Mini is German, a BMW rebranded and redesigned to give the appearance of Britishness as defined by Germany.

Yes, the modern BMW Mini brand is somewhat akin to a Disney-type theme park, it’s instantly recognisable but strange at the same time. But I sense I’m diverging from the topic. Autogefühl provides his customary forensic review of the new generation Mini Countryman.

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