Burning Mercedes in South Africa, dailycarblog.com 2018
Time For A Total And Complete Shutdown of Mercedes Sales Until We Know What The Hell Is Going On

We here at DCB are calling for a total and complete shutdown of Mercedes vehicle sales until we know what the hell is going on. From BMW to Mercedes, premium luxury cars, specifically German premium luxury cars are spontaneously bursting into flames.

My dear friends, of which there are very few, I ask you one question do you want to burn in hell or burn in a Mercedes C Class? Of course, Hell is the better option. That is why we are calling for a temporary halt on all new car sales from Mercedes Benz. We have yet another example of a burning premium luxury German car. For many years, many years, Germany has made us believe they are expert automotive engineers. Big league experts, big league. Recent footage from South Africa of a burning, Mercedes C Class, should shock all of us who have invested in a Daimler auto-mobile. I declare that extreme vetting is required, we are not advocating a sales ban, no. We are proposing a vetting system to keep America-I-mean-the-world safe. Now many of you will realise this publication, AHEM!, is based in those-there United-Kingdoms but rest assured America’s priorities come first. America is the richest nation world has ever seen has a serious income inequality problem, run-down infrastructure, where the top half of the 1 percent own more wealth than the bottom 90 percent. And don’t buy a burning Mercedes C Class until you know what the hell is going on.  Burning Mercedes in South Africa, dailycarblog.com 2018
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