Rolls Royce Glove Box, GoCompare,
What’s Inside Your Glove Box? 10 Glove-Box’s From Around The World

During the early 20th century the ‘glove-box’ was a compartment to keep your gloves in, a necessity during the infancy of automobiles. Cars were often uncovered meaning your hands could get quite chilly. Today, cars have evolved immensely, as have glove boxes, they are no longer just for gloves but for the motoring necessities of the modern world… Mint humbugs and that CD which is the ultimate secret pleasure! Glove-boxes are a resounding feature in almost every car. But what are the items you take with you on your travels, do you still keep a pair of gloves stashed away for the winter months? GoCompare asked 10 photographers to reveal the items they take with them on their journeys, here’s what they had to show.

Rolls Royce Glove Box, GoCompare,
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