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When Tesla Share Prices Go Low, Elon Musk Gets High
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When Elon Musk smoked marijuana during an interview on the Joe Rogan podcast Tesla share prices plummeted by 6-percent. CEO’s are meant to be the bell weather of an organization so video footage of Elon Musk smoking ‘weed’ during a live podcast sent the markets into meltdown.

The stock market is based on confidence. For a CEO like Elon Musk to smoke marijuana in public is of concern to those who, day-in-day-out, trade shares. It also had direct consequences, a number of Tesla executives resigned as a result. Our belief is that Musk is deliberately shorting Tesla’s stock market value so that he take the company private by buying back shares at a cheaper rate. Wall Street has been concerned about Elon Musk’s recent behavior. However Wall Street isn’t so innocent. Wall Street and the worldwide investment banking industry is wildly corrupt. Industry executives are fueled by hard drugs and a questionable lifestyle. Yet it, the banking and stock market industry, projects an image of respectability. Critics say that the stock markets like the DOW and NASDAQ are a rigged system built for the rich elites. https://youtu.be/UtB8dgM9SY8 Others say that the stock markets are not tied to the real economy. Indeed you should look at the stock markets as a form of casino gambling. And while we are not advocates of drug taking and no defenders of Musk you have to take Musk’s drug taking into context. Taking marijuana in California, where Musk was being interviewed, is legal. The drug taking part of the interview was around two-minutes of an interview that lasted nearly three hours. The interview touched on many talking points relating to Musk’s current thinking and philosophy. From the dangers of Artifical Intelligence, space travel too, of course, the flamethrower.  Elon Musk, marijuana, Joe Rogan interview, dailycarblog.com
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