Car Care tips and advice.
Car Care: How To Keep Your Car Looking As Good As New 
When it comes to your car, looks are important. In fact, 76% of Americans won’t even consider purchasing a reliable car if they don’t like its aesthetics. Appearance matters not for how society or others perceive you, but for yourself. Owning a good-looking and well-maintained car gives you an unbeatable sense of confidence, accomplishment, and pride. Moreover, doing a bit of car care will boost its value when the time comes to trade it in. But your car has to undergo regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it in pristine condition — here’s what to do.

Car care: Cleaning your car 

Your car picks up a lot of dirt and debris like salt, grime, bugs, and oil, all of which eats away at the paint. Car care is important. Always wash your car at least once a month and in a shaded area since the sun can cause water spots. Hose your car down and shampoo it with an acid-free non-abrasive cleaner. Get rid of dirt from the wheels with a stiff-bristled brush. Steadfast surface contaminants, such as tar, soot, and paint overspray, are harder to remove. You’ll need to use detailing clay to remove these contaminants. Hose down the car again to wash off the soap. Water beads can be removed with an absorbent chamois.

Touch-up painting

Regularly check your car for small chips and scratches; clean the area and touch up with paint sparingly where necessary. If rust has already formed, lightly sand down the chips or scratches and apply a thin coat of primer before painting. You should then apply wax to keep your car looking good and to protect it from further damage. It’s often worth getting a professional touch-up as they’ll match the paint correctly and know all the expert tricks to get your car looking as good as new.

Take care of the details

Looking after the small details can impact the appearance of your entire car. In particular, using a shine product on the tires gives them an attractive wet-look as well as protects the rubber from cracking and deterioration. You can also polish the exterior trim with a chrome treatment. If your car’s a little older, a headlight lens restorer can remove yellow discoloration and give your whole car a facelift. While taking good care of your car is a decent investment in time and money, it’s worth it in the long run. Car care, there’s no better feeling than driving a pristine car out on the open road. Regular maintenance will also save you money on bigger repairs, too.  
 Car Care tips and advice.
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