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It’s Literally Hell Owning A Land Rover Says, Part 1
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Since this stupid award-winning, top quality blog began we have noticed a pattern of behaviors within the car industry. Particularly motoring journalists. We here at DCB are motoring journalists also, but with one difference… bad grammar. We don’t know the difference between an adjective and a pronoun. It’s all Greek to us.

One thing we notice about British motoring journalists is that they are patriotic towards the British car industry and manufacturing. However, there are very few British car manufacturers remaining. Because Nissan Renault manufactures the Nissan Renault Buttersquash in Sunderland motoring journalists write patriotically good reviews. The Nissan Renault Buttersquash isn’t that great. But at least its British. Indeed to some, it’s probably more British and more acceptable than the Windrush generation will ever be. Land Rover is most definitely British. It pretended to be under Ford ownership. But under Indian ownership, in Britain at least, the brand has been diluted. This despite the best intentions of patriotic, flag-waving motoring journalists. Land Rover is suffering from slowing sales. And that got us thinking why? after all the UK motoring media is on their side. Land Rover receives glowing reviews. Positive coverage equates to growing sales right? Wrong. Brexit uncertainty and trade tariffs are a few of the reasons why Land Rover has suffered a recent sales slide. But the rot set in many years ago. Land Rovers, in general, are notoriously unreliable. That’s not a patriotic thing to say. So we decided to find out why and stumbled upon the website, So we’ll just copy & paste comments from the forum. It’s interesting reading.

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I will never buy a Land Rover Sport again:

I write this with a heavy heart – as a one time Land Rover enthusiast. I have had all manner of them – Range Rover Classic (Wonderful), old Series 88″ (Bulletproof). Those rose tinted specs were worn when I purchased a Disco S2 TD5. Generally it works OK for an older beast, I batter it and it earns it’s keep. It’s a fair deal – until the electronics have decided they have had enough. The drivers side window has stopped working – OK so I (stupidly) thought that a fuse or relay had blown. So a cheap fix…… Alas, Land Rover engineers in their wisdom have decided to change the accepted way to wire up a car, thinking an ECU (actually it’s called a BCU) would manage the systems. So the locking, alarm, immobiliser, electric windows and a raft of other systems are controlled by this BCU. (Body Control Unit). Ironically the rear electric windows are wired up the old fashioned way so they still work perfectly. SO, after a LOOOONG day spent going to motor factors, telephoning (or trying to) main dealers, auto electricians, local garages, reading forums, posts, blogs, the Haynes manual and interacting with an IT specialist, I still have a car with a stuck window and a wet bum. A new BCU is £300 whereas a relay is around £5. A relay is dedicated to its circuit whereas the BCU interferes with lots of circuits. You don’t need to strip the dash out to change a relay. You don’t need to reprogram a relay. So would someone kindly explain, what on Gods green earth were Land Rover smoking when they decided to change the convention of auto wiring???????? I am now a self-taught expert (and don’t need to be) with regards to the Discovery 2. However, I feel that I have more to comment when the subject of customer service crops up. The sad experience is with the contacting of Main Dealers. There were several attempts to contact two local dealer service departments. One I gave up with – I never got past the ringing sound in my ears, the empty room with a phone ringing off the hook…… The other could not identify the components that I was referring to from the Haynes manual, and eventually did quote me a price but would NOT provide me with a part number!!!!! What if the part was wrong? Or the price? I’m a fully grown man, a businessman, an educated man – so please treat me like one. I can get the part number off the module in my car, so you’d think that to make life easier on the ‘enthusiast’, they may be a tad more forthcoming with some assistance. No. The depressing thing is that if you’d have asked me before buying this Disco 2 about Land Rover I’d have sung their praises. After today, I’d seriously think again before opening my mouth. The rule of thumb, old ones were built like the proverbial brick bog, made to be fixed with rivets and twine. If you are an enthusiast you’d agree. If you want a modern, reliable, spacious truck/family wagon/utility vehicle there is a lots on the market to choose between – Toyota/Nissan etc. (Don’t buy a Mitsubishi either – shockingly bad)

Landrover discovery sport

I purchased a 65 reg Landrover discovery sport 3 months ago, straight off production line. 300 miles in, engine warning light came on, couldn’t use car, Landrover assist couldn’t come out as it was a Sunday! AA man couldn’t believe it and all he could tell me was to not use the car. Landrover then had car in for about 10 days to fix sensor which was the apparent problem. This was all to do with the ad blue tank (we were not told of this tank when purchasing the car). The car was delayed in delivery due to a problem found on the production line too. I should have done the right thing then and given the car back, but hindsight is a good thing! Today after 6000 miles I’ve been back to Milton Keynes dealership to have more ad blue added to system, wasn’t told on phone this was chargeable, snotty lady told me of course it was chargeable. Eventually, Adrian (head of dealership) can to tell me in no uncertain terms it was chargeable. Luckily my husband had Google Landrover service and that says it’s free. Adrian then went away and googled it for himself, came back and told me Landrover must have just changed web site as it was stating its free. He then followed this with “trouble is they say it’s free, but we have no where on form to charge it back”, my response “is that a customer problem? NO. Bloody idiot, the customer service we have received from the start has been something of a joke. All I can say is roll on two years and I will NEVER cross the threshold of a Landrover dealership again 😃 NEVER buy a Landrover is the best advise I can give.

LandRover Discovery Sport HSE 2016 Model

I ordered a brand new Land Rover Discovery Sport HSE REG NU65 XSV. The delivery was late by 2 weeks. I was disappointed. After using the car for a week, black fumes were emitting from the engine and the brakes failed to work when I applied. I nearly crashed into a car at the roundabout but the driver of the other car swerved. I went back to Land Rover to complain about the situation but they denied. They got the technician to test and he said OK. I told him its not OK cos’ I got my children traveling in my car and I want safety and assurance. The technician drove my car to test the brake and I was with him. I was shocked cos he was stepping on the brake and not driving as normal. They say they will do something but it was not doing well. I then decided to get another Discovery 4 by 4 for safety. I part exchange for that and the Sales man Martin ~Gray lied to me about the price and also the accessories were missing in the car as well. I took his word for granted and trusted him but he lied all along. The 5 year service plan was promised to be given free of charge but he lied to me and never prepared the document at all for both the cars. . I had to pay £700.00 when the ADBlue was going low after using the car for 6 months. I even complained to the Manager of Stockton Stratton but unfortunately, he is covering up for his Salesman who had made cheated me rather than taking the responsibility. The difference to pay was £7000.00 but they robbed me of my deposit. The missing accessories in my car was not paid fully. As a manager instead of helping me as a Client to sort out the situation , he even played around the figure and altered the Invoice to look so real..Some price quoted in the Invoice is not right and doesn’t make sense. They also had not paid the difference for the tow bar. The had permanent Tow Bar and the second was a Detachable. I believe they should put the same one.. I want justice in this matter. I came alone to buy this car without my husband, as I have lost him. The Salesman knew about it and took the opportunity to rob me, instead. I just couldn’t believe these two men are not honest and not worthy to serve Land~Rover. I had a very bad experience with Land Rover Stratton and would never ever buy one again. I really regret.
 Land Rover Hell, Range Rover,
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