McLaren Speedtail, Ultimate Series, Hyper GT,
McLaren’s Next Ultimate Series Hyper GT Is Already Sold Out At Concept Stage
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We haven’t seen the next McLaren Speedtail Hyper GT from the Ultimate Series range of cars but you can bet a select group of private buyers have been given a preview. How else do you sell out a car that has yet to be officially revealed let alone ready to be manufactured?

Codenamed internally as the BP23 the McLaren Speedtail it is based on, (this is a guess) the McLaren P1. Or at least a derivative of the P1 chassis.

We say that because the Woking based company has confirmed that thMcLarenen Speedtail will use a hybrid petrol-electric engine. The engine will produce nearly 1,000bhp.

So that means McLaren Automotive has boosted the power output of the 3.0-litre V8 twin turbo engine. DUHH!

But the most interesting aspect of the McLaren Speedtail is the confirmation of a centrally mounted seating position.

The latter is straight out of the McLaren F1 bible. So in many ways, the McLaren Speedtail is quite possibly a successor to the McLaren F1.

Performance details have yet to be revealed, however, we do at least know the Speedtail will be able to hit 234mph.

Of the external design, McLaren only says it will be “futuristic and highly streamlined“.

Production has yet to begin, only 106 Speedtails will ever be made and each one has effectively already been sold. But don’t worry the Speedtail marks the first of 18 planned Ultimate Series hyper GTs.

The Speedtail and future successors will become instant collectors items, investments more than to be driven.

McLaren Speedtail, Ultimate Series, Hyper GT,
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