YangWang U9 - Price And Spec Revelation
YangWang U9 Hyper EV Will Be A Bargain Hyper EV
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The YangWang brand name introduced by BYD, may initially elicit amusement, but the brand aims to be no laughing matter in the EV world, thanks to the U9 Hyper sports coupe that propels it to be taken very seriously indeed. YangWang has now revealed the specs and price for the much-anticipated hyper EV sports coupe. The YangWang U9 will be powered by four electric motors, each delivering an impressive 322 hp, yielding a total system power of 1,287 hp.

YangWang U9 - Flight Wings

The U9 chassis incorporates a sizable 100 kWh battery pack, resulting in a total net weight of 2,475 kg (over 5,400 pounds). BYD asserts a range of 435 miles on a full charge; however, this figure is derived from lab data. The actual real-world range is expected to drop by approximately 50-70 miles. The top speed is capped at 187 mph, and the 0-60 mph time is an impressive 2.0 seconds.

YangWang U9 - Rear Stance

The advanced suspension system enables unlimited control of the ride height to the extent that the U9 can travel on three wheels. This system incorporates hydraulic body control, air body control, and damping control. It’s a significant amount of technology packed into a space slightly larger than a Lotus Evija.

YangWang U9 - Unlimited Power

Speaking of the 2,000 hp Evija, the long-anticipated Lotus ultra-hyper-EV is set to cost $2.3 million upon its eventual release. Despite the U9 having lower power and weighing considerably more, it comes at a more ‘affordable’ price of $140,000.

YangWang U9 - Price And Spec Revelation
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