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The Porsche Taycan Will Mark The End of The Beginning For Future EV Production
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Porsche is undergoing a process of major change with the launch of its all-electric, four-door coupe. The Porsche Taycan. It’s cost 6 billion euros and a new 1,200 strong workforce to get to this stage. However, by 2025 50 percent of Porsche models will be electrified. Porsche is currently in the process of constructing an all-purpose production and assembly facility.

The company is also pursuing a resource-friendly production philosophy. The Porsche Taycan production process is carbon neutral, with the future goal in production being to establish a complete zero-impact factory, a factory with no environmental impact. Porsche’s aim for the Taycan is to create a team with a healthy mix of experienced sports car manufacturers and new staff. Porsche Tayan, electric car, interior, dailycarblog.com The close working relationship between motorsport and series production highlights just how important it is to share knowledge. Like the Porsche 919 Hybrid, which has multiple Le Mans victories under its belt, the Taycan is powered by innovative 800 V technology. This was one of the most essential decisions for the 919, as the voltage level effectively sets the course for the entire electric drivetrain: from the battery to the layout of the electronics and the e-machines to the capacity of the charging process. Porsche claims the Taycan’s lithium-ion battery can be recharged in just four minutes, providing enough energy to drive 100 kilometers. It can also be charged using inductive technology. The Porsche Taycan will develop 600bhp and can reach a top speed of 155mph. The 0-62mph dash takes just 3.5 seconds. Porsche claims the Taycan has a 310-mile range. Porsche Tayan, electric car, open doors, dailycarblog.com As part of the joint venture Ionity – which also involves BMW, Daimler and Ford – Porsche will build 400 high-power charging stations with a capacity of 350kW per charging point across Europe by the end of 2019. In the USA, the VW Group initiative Electrify America will see the installation of charging infrastructure (capacity of up to 350kW) at 300 motorway stations from 2019. Porsche aims to produce around 25,000 Taycans per year. Customers will be able to gain access to the Porsche charging network via the Porsche charging service Initial reports suggest the Porsche Taycan will cost between £60 and £70k. Realistically it will cost close to between £150k – £200k.  
 Porsche Taycan, electric car, dailycarblog.com
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