BMW 330e, premium luxury rubbish, plugin hybrid,
BMW 330e Will Be The Best Plug-in Hybrid Ever Made
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BMW, the maker of premium luxury rubbish, has such an easy time with the motoring press. Every product they make is unfathomably brilliant. The truth is that not everything BMW, makers of premium luxury rubbish, produce is brilliant. One has the impression that they live in a media bubble, relying on a conveyor belt of positive reviews to assist their marketing and sales campaigns.

The BMW 330e Plugin Hybrid will be another such car that will be met with a halo of positive reviews. This is effectively free marketing and advertising for BMW. If we were to give a less than positive review then our hands would be bound, we would be frogmarched to a wooden post, blindfolded and shot by firing squad. So, not only does BMW get free advertising by way of positive media reviews they also get control. Because the motoring media is unwilling to let go of this privilege, by proxy, BMW very effectively controls the motoring press. Displeasing BMW is like displeasing a mob boss. You won’t get shot. Something worse will happen. YOU WILL LOSE PRIVILEGE… AND ACCESS. So where is the mystical journalist ethical standards in the motoring press? The easy answer is there is none. Modern-day journalistic ethical standards have been commercialised. It is now just a theory. In reality, you do not require ethical standards to be a motoring journalist. You just need to get on your knees and beg. And that is what BMW exploits out of the motoring press. The BMW (makers of premium luxury rubbish) 330e is already receiving positive reviews. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. BMW 330e, premium luxury rubbish, plugin hybrid, Anyway enough about criticizing BMW and how they subconsciously control the motoring press for their own benefit. Or as it is really known… corporate propaganda. So, the BMW 330e will be brilliant. Powered by a brilliant 2.0-litre, 181bhp petrol engine, and a brilliant 87bbhp electric motor. the combined power output is a brilliant 248bhp and 420Nm of torque. The XtraBoost feature boosts the power, temporarily, to 288bhp. The pure electric range is said to be around 37 miles. From our experience in driving Plugin hybrids, from SUVs to estates the pure electric range is always half of the manufacturer stats. And that’s if you drive conservatively. If you drive normally it’s usually around 12 miles before you switch back to chugging out lots of CO2 into the atmosphere. We are not saying BMW is lying, they are brilliant. But maybe they do manipulate the lab data because they know real-world data will suck. The 330e will be fast enough, top speed of 134mph, 87mph in pure electric mode. The 0-60mph time of 6 seconds is OK. But you don’t buy a plugin hybrid for the 39g/km C02 emissions or the pure electric mode. Because most people who buy these cars do not even bother to plug them in too re-charge. People who buy a Plugin hybrid do so to avoid paying the London congestion charge, or because it is a corporate tax break. Saving the planet for the next generation is nothing compared to the power of living in the now. You can buy this premium luxury rubbish pack of lies, over exaggeration, planet-saving, planet-killing, save the whales, use less plastic, hippy-chic plugin hybrid for £38k. We think.  
 BMW 330e, premium luxury rubbish, plugin hybrid,
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