Autobuzz Reviews The Mazda CX-5 Because Yes They Can!

You know what? as a proud Anglo Saxon I have realised something about this website. Not the multiple awards we have won (ahem!). As they say, recognition is recognition folks, and we’ll scrape the bottom barrel of recognition if we have to.

And no, it isn’t our personal greatness, nor is it our growing narcissism. It’s the fact that we are Anglo Saxons.. proud Anglo Saxons trying to make Daily Car Blog great again. But without the racism. We have realised that there are too many white faces on this website and its time for a change. White male reviews car. White male talks about engineering. White male dominates the car news headlines for doing something great. Where is the female voice? In a male-dominated industry, the female voice is often unheard. And women within the auto industry are paid less than men simply because women are women. The latter is not only unfair it is corporate oppression. And yet behind the scenes of the auto industry women are in charge of the communications. The irony is that women are communicating the values of their company while the male corporate CEO is deliberately paying them less even if he doesn’t want to admit it. And in this video review of the Mazda CX-5, it is yet again another repeat of gender segregation for the benefit of man-kind. Autobuzz takes the honor of reviewing the updated 2018 Mazda CX-5. Autobuzz is a Malaysian based web entity. Although the presenter is not female he is non-white. For obvious reasons. Which is exactly what we want. Diversity. And you know what? the presenter, EU Jin, is as good as any we’ve seen. Even the racists such as the Chelsea FC supporters will have to acknowledge that, yes and that includes Martine Varrall. We really ought to be talking about cars. One day we will.  
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