Cleetus McFarland buys a nightmare Corvette C6,
Cleetus McFarland Buys A Screwed Up Corvette At Auction

Cleetus McFarland is yet another YouTube millionaire. Millionaire in terms of subscribers, 1m and counting. Cleetus McFarland started his Youtube channel while he was studying law at University.

And no Cleetus McFarland is not his real name, he chose it as a joke. His real name is Garrett Mitchell, no not the Canadian Ice Hockey pro.

Cleetus McFarland aka Garrett Mitchell buys a Corvette C6 from an online auction, without a pre-inspection.

Anyway, the Corvette is an absolute nightmare, a leaking rear diff, is just one issue on top of many issues.

Cleetus McFarland buys a nightmare Corvette C6,
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