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Is Lotus Really Planning To Build A £2m All Electric Hypercar?
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Autocar is reporting that Lotus is planning to build an all-electric £2m hypercar to act as a statement of intent. New owners, Geely, are funding this extravagant outlay of capital. A few years ago Lotus was on the brink of sinking into the Norfolk Plains.

Now let’s take a step back. Autocar is a longstanding Lotus fanboy and is always proudly waving the flag for the company. And for good reason, Lotus make some of the best handling cars out there. And before you buy the obligatory Porsche you should always, always have a Lotus in your garage. Indeed, back in the day, Lotus gave Autocar exclusive access to the development of the original Elise. The whole ethos of light weight and fine handling was an Autocar ethos that rubbed off onto the final production Elise. Well actually, lightweight, fast and fine handling was Colin Chapman’s principle philosophy for Lotus when he founded the company in 1952. Naturally, Autocar will always have the first word on rumors. And the word on the Autocar street is that the proposed electric Lotus Hypercar is codenamed Omega. Omega is the last letter in the Greek alphabet. It represents the value of 800 in the Greek numeric system. So is the Lotus all-electric hypercar going to have 800bhp? Well, the Rimac C_Two has 1,888bhp.  And anyway 800bhp is not considered powerful enough to earn hypercar status these days. Whether the Lotus all-electric hypercar is real or just a rumor isn’t the real story here. Under new ownership comes new leadership. Geely along with the Malaysian conglomerate Eitka automotive are a billion(s) dollar partnership. They not only understand the heritage of Lotus but are also planning to redevelop the manufacturing facility to bring it in-line with ultra-modern production facilities. Lotus follows modern production practices. However, the entire facility is aging and whatever future cars are being planned work will start from the ground up first. Rumors will always be rumors. more so when it comes to Lotus Cars.  
 Lotus Cars, £2m electrci hypercar, dailycarblog.com
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