2018 Mercedes B Class, is surprisingly dull, dailycarblog.com
Is The Mercedes B Class The Dullest Car Ever Made?
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This is the new generation B Class, it’s so dull looking we can’t even be bothered to do basic journalism. Or as The Great Ben says, “critical analysis”. “Who is The Great Ben”? Probably the biggest hypocrite in the history of hypocrites but we’ll leave that for another day. Back to the story. The Mercedes B Class.

God damn it… it’s so boring looking. But you know what? in the hands of a bonafide motoring journalist, the Mercedes B Class will be “surprisingly good”. When a motoring journalist says surprisingly good” it’s polite parlance for “this is a bucket of gob-shite and I wish I were dead”. Motoring journalists have to say things that would make even a Billy Goat say WTF? If they do not they lose access. Let’s just say we, Daily Car Blog, have lost a lot of access. 2018 Mercedes B Class, is surprisingly dull, interior, dailycarblog.com Still high-fivin’ brother, high fivin’. Being a multi-award winning website doesn’t matter. We have lost access. However, Car Throttle inadvertently jumped to our defense by referring to us as a “top quality website”. Oh yeah! Anyway, the Mercedes B Class is priced from £26k in the United Kingdom for the entry-level B180 Sport. Which is, in and on itself, a stupid name coined up by the marketing division. Sport my arse. 2018 Mercedes B Class, is surprisingly dull, rear, dailycarblog.com Your entry level Mercedes Dull Class will get you 18-alloys, keyless-go, Lane Assist, LED Headlights, reversing camera, dual climate control DAB and a fully digital infotainment screen and a fully digital instrument binnacle. The interior is the only aspect of the B Class we like. Personally, I wouldn’t spend entry level £26k just for an interior. God damn it this Mercedes Dull Class is dull and duller. Of course, there will be a bucket load of over-priced extra optional equipment available. Nice. However, we don’t like the fact that the 1.3-litre engine is sourced from Nissan Renault. So the Mercedes Dull Class is just a Renault (probably part Nissan) made by Mercedes.  
 2018 Mercedes B Class, is surprisingly dull, dailycarblog.com
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