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Enhance Your Driving Experience with These 4 Essential Car Accessories

In the modern age of traffic holdups, long commutes, and over-congested roads, it can be easy to forget just how fun driving can be. But there are ways of putting the fun back in driving, making your daily commute more bearable, and making your time spent in the car a more pleasurable experience.

These are the four essential car accessories to spice up your commute and make your life behind the wheel easier.

1. Steering Wheel Covers

In the winter, putting your hands on a freezing cold wheel can invoke feelings of fury. At the same time, in the summer, placing your hands directly on a scorching wheel that has been in direct sunlight all day is just as uncomfortable.

A steering wheel cover eliminates this discomfort, offers increased steering wheel grip, and increases the longevity of your steering wheel by offering a protective layer. For the best steering wheel covers, check out review sites and shop around for one that matches your sense of style.

2. A Key Finder

Nothing puts you in a bad mood for the day like losing your keys first thing in the morning. You are already in a rush to get to work on time, and those valuable minutes spent searching for your car keys are valuable minutes that could be better spend enjoying your morning coffee or even stealing a few extra minutes of sleep.

A key finder ensures you will never lose your keys again. The key finder sits on your keyring and syncs to your smartphone, allowing you to pick up the signal with the smart phone’s GPS capabilities. Your phone will then lead you right to them.

3. USB Charging Port

Keeping our accessories and gadgets fully charged on any long car ride means staying entertained for longer. A dead device can’t play your favourite music or podcast. It also means no more GPS navigation, leaving you are vulnerable to getting lost.

Keeping a USB charger plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter will allow you to charge multiple devices while on the go, removing any charging woes, and keeping your devices fully-charged for the day ahead.

4. A Dash-Mounted Camera

When it comes to protecting your legal rights in the event of a car accident, nothing is better than a dash-mounted camera.

The camera captures everything on the road, but only saves the footage once a car accident is detected. This way, you don’t have to trawl through hours of footage and delete needless hours of driving videos.

In the event of an accident, having video evidence of the sequence of events can be useful in any ensuing legal battles over who was at fault. It will immediately support your version of events and give you substantial leverage in negotiations with the other party’s insurance company which you can use to negotiate a higher settlement.

These accessories don’t just make your driving experience more comfortable, they help make your life less stressful and protect your interests in the event of an accident. That is why they earn their spot on the four most essential car gadgets list.

5. Car Body Kits

There are a few reasons why people install body kits for their cars. The most common reason is to improve appearance. They can also be used to change the proportions of the car, making it look wider, lower, or longer, in other words – create a custom look for your car. On top of that, they also improve performance; some body kits are designed to improve aerodynamics, which can help the car go faster or handle better. If you have a specific design in mind, you have the option to get creative. The price of this option varies depending on the design, but rest assured that your body kit will be unique from the rest and no one will have the same look as yours.

Car accessories and gadgets,
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