Aston Martin track day experience,
You Can Now Own An Aston Martin For £750
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OK, so you can now own an Aston Martin Martin for as little as £750. OK, so you don’t actually own the Aston. Think of it as renting. For half a day. The offer is all part of Aston Martin’s new customer experience programme. So after buying your £150k Aston Martin Vantage, you have the additional option of attending an exclusive customer experience programme.

In other words, it’s a Aston Martin organised track day. But not one of those track days you might attend at a rain-soaked former airfield tucked away in a remote part of England.

Aston Martin’s track day customer-experience-type-thing is offered at a number of track venues across Europe.

The first venue takes place between 19-20 March at the Algarve International Circuit, Portugal.

Aston Martin offers three packages, AMR Experience, AMR Academy and AMR GT Academy.

The packages range from £750 to £7500.

Aston Martin track day experience, V8 Vantages,

We’ll be certainly be buying one of the packages for sure. The only one we can afford is the Performance package, cost? £800.

Can we make it to Portimao on time? that is the question.

We’re not promoting this on behalf of Aston Martin, we have no formal relationship with the company.

Besides after crticising their Red Bull partners I don’t think we will ever be considered for even sweeping the floors at Aston Martin HQ.

Tha’s how we rock and roll folks. But this track day experience will allow us to sneak in through the back. Ultimately at our own expense.

We should have quit this business years ago…


Aston Martin track day experience,
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