BMW Score Nul Points During Pedestrian Auto Brake Detection Test

BMW would like you to believe they want to save the Hippos, baby Kangaroos, the Dodo, rid the oceans of plastic waste and save mankind from itself. BMW would have you believe that they believe in a sustainable, clean air future, to make more whales and re-introduce dinosaurs into the wildlife. Jurassic World style.

But the real question is, what is BMW doing now? Do BMW really believe in a clean air future full of baby dinosaurs and Smurfs? If you look past the carefully scripted marketing you can see what BMW is really up to. Cheating the Google search engines and getting banned. Only to be re-instated later on. And for all their talk about an electric car future BMW have regularly been caught violating the emissions laws cookie jar. So what BMW is really interested in is selling. Sales. Profits. But that’s not the issue. That’s what competitive companies do… except us… But anyway, is BMW about profit at any cost? We can’t really answer the last question because we do not have data to correlate into an unbiased answer. And also the internet connection is down. But what we do know is BMW is up to nothing more than nailing those annual sales targets. The ultimate driving machine scored nil points in a recent pedestrian auto-brake safety test conducted by the IIHS. _________________________________________________________________________
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