La La Land opening
La La land, Does The Opening Sequence Really Represent Urban Driving

La La Land is a complete fantasy of a 21st-century musical. And believe me, we tried to justify including La La Land on this blog. The opening sequence is the most relevant for a carblog to cover.

How many carblogs (award-winning…AHEM!) include an article about a musical fantasy?

But the opening of this movie bothers us here at DCB because if you were stuck in an LA traffic jam would you get out of your car and sing.

And would you really get out of your car and dance with strangers and jump all over your car? It’s all La La Land to us.

Imagine doing this in Central London? Do you know what would happen?

You would get a bunch of Millwall FC supporters beating you up and shouting abuse. It’s what Millwallians do best.

As one YouTuber commented about the film “I wish the traffic in LA was this fun”


La La Land opening
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