Why has Bugatti engineered a W16 engine?
Engineering Explained: Why Has Bugatti Developed A V16 Engine?

Bugatti is introducing a V16 engine to its lineup, with further details slated for release later in 2024. The successor to the Bugatti Chiron will feature a V16 hybrid powertrain, amidst rumours suggesting it could be a Cosworth 8.3L naturally aspirated V16, generating 1,000 horsepower and capable of revving to 9,000 RPM.

If these rumours hold true, it is speculated to be coupled with three 250kW electric motors, forming a robust AWD system promising blistering acceleration. However, speculation aside, what are the confirmed facts?

In this video, Engineering Explained delves into the images shared by Bugatti to gain a deeper understanding of the engineering underlying this V16 combustion engine.

The YouTuber discusses torque curves, firing intervals, firing order, V-angles, crossplane versus flatplane configurations, balance, and scrutinize how these rumors measure up against some calculations.

Why has Bugatti engineered a W16 engine?
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