Road safety prevention
With Road Traffic Accidents Rising, What Needs To Change?

Motoring has become progressively safer over the past few decades, but certain problems remain. According to new statistics reported in the Inquirer, US pedestrian road deaths are at their highest level since 1990, with an estimated 6,000 pedestrian casualties in 2018. While not all road fatalities are the responsibility of the driver, it’s responsible to be as vigilant as you can be on the roads – for the well-being of both yourself and pedestrians. As with many things in modern life, the challenges faced on the road are markedly different to what they were even a couple of decades ago.

Modern driving fundamentals

Some of the main factors concerning road safety haven’t changed, though they might have changed slightly. Distractions on the road continue to be a chief cause of accidents, for example smartphones. This has led states, including North Carolina, to consider a blanket ban on phone usage. Insurance is as important as ever in terms of safety, and modern technology has arguably made the road safer as a result. Research sponsored by Europcar and AIG has suggested that road safety has benefited from insurers incentivizing safe driving practices. Using telemetry to assess how you tend to drive has provided data that insurers note show a reduced rate of accidents where good behavior is rewarded. This ultimately shows that the industry is willing to reward good behavior, which is an added benefit to drivers on top of the fact that fewer accidents tends to mean better premiums.

Changing weather conditions

The effect of climate change is being felt across the USA, with a general rise in extreme weather events noted across the states. Such is the impact that typical weather across the US is changing; certain states, including Montana, are seeing seasons last up to 40 days longer, according to Scientific American. This impacts on drivers who aren’t prepared for adverse weather. If you live in a state prone to snow, ensure you have the equipment to address that. Similarly, if you’re having more sunny days, make sure your car has proper protections against the sun, such as shades.

Awareness over cyclists

Cycling is becoming more and more popular in the US. More legislation is coming in to power in big towns and cities to make allowances for the green method of transport, and there is overall a more positive view towards it. This has resulted in less bicycle accidents every year. However, this countenanced by a 12% higher rate of fatality, according to the Bike and Walk Alliance. As it’s more likely you’ll see cyclists on the road, protect yourself by driving responsibly and carefully. It’s also worth installing a dash cam for the worst case scenario, and to protect yourself in case it was the cyclist who was at fault.

Motoring is safer than it has ever been, but the modern age presents modern problems. As pedestrian deaths rise, it’s important to do your bit to ensure the safety of both yourself and members of the public. Doing so will also protect you in the long run.


Road safety prevention
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