Look-A-Likes: Fiat Alfa Romeo Giulietta vs Fiat Maserati Levante

One is a Fiat and the other is a Fiat, both are an exercise in the power of the brand and the power of marketing spend. And also the power to convince you the potential consumer that it really is worth buying a Fiat no matter what badge sits on the front or rear. 

The Fiat Alfa Romeo Giulietta is a small family car, an Italian hatchback to counter the Golf GTi.

The Giulietta may have the glamourous Alfa Romeo heritage but the chassis is actually derived from the Fiat Stilo and Bravo to name but a few.

The Giulietta’s most memorable moment came when it featured in the Fast & Furious 6 movie franchise taking up the role of the ‘hero car’.

You won’t see many Giuliettas on the road… Because very few people actually buy one.

The Fiat Maserati Levante is Fiat Maserati’s first ever SUV. For Maserati to make an SUV is like the devil becoming a born again Christian.

But market demand must always be met otherwise Maserati will fall victim to looking back over its illustrious history instead of paving a new future.

Maserati corporate people will surely grit their teeth and force the smiles but surely behind closed doors the purists will be vomiting from the thought of having to build an SUV.

But for us we can’t help but realise to spot the external styling similarities between the Giulietta and the Levante. As our really bad photoshop comparison shows, side by side you would think that the Maserati Levante is actually an Alfa Romeo SUV.

Indeed the Giulietta and Levante profiles look so similar it got us thinking that the Levante was perhaps destined to be a Giulietta SUV and at the last moment the corporate power brokers at Fiat traded brand’s.

Of course this is all speculative. Alfa Romeo will have an SUV, the Stelvio will be launched later this year.

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