A Time lapse of Artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence, A Timelapse of A Terrifying Future

There is a lot of talk about Web 3.0 these days, but the next technological horizon, the next technology leap will be A.I. Could Artificial Intelligence one day replace original human thought? The web is a database of us, you and I. Anyone who has ever used a search engine or left a message on social media or left a comment on an online forum has contributed to the future demise of the human race.

If you have uploaded a holiday snap and tagged it, or clicked the like button on YouTube, you have contributed to the end of your species. All this information, this data is kind of like a digital inventory that is forming the basis of early artificial intelligence.

We are at the early stages of a new threshold and we don’t even know it. Could Artificial Intelligence supersede the human mind and become sentient? Yes, it could and will, many years into the future. However, A.I. will never find a way to overcome the mindset of a motoring journalist.

The much-used motoring journalist term, “it’s surprisingly good”  is a step too far even for an advanced A.I. to overcome.

A Time lapse of Artificial intelligence
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