Look A Likes, Discovery Sport vs Vauxhall Frontera
One is a Land Rover the other is a Vauxhall. One has a formidable reputation for creating go anywhere all terrain vehicles with a luxury go any where attitude. The other is a Vauxhall. One is purchased by Royalty, A-list and even D-List celebrities, the other is a Vauxhall. What Land Rover and Vauxhall have in common is that they don’t have anything in common at all. Or do they? Look at the Vauxhall Frontera circa 1990, its actually a re-badged Isuzu which means it was made in Japan and unlike many Vauxhalls of the same period that meant it actually worked for prolonged periods of time. The Discovery Sport is also re-baged in so far as its exterior design leans heavily on the Freelander it replaces so its really a nicer looking Freelander but the power of marketing campiagns will persuade you otherwise. The Discovery Sport is actually based on the same chassis used by the Ford Mondeo although its been heavily revised by Land Rover engineers, to cater for specific off-road needs. We say disguised. The Discovery Sport like all Land Rovers also uses Ford engines, its a throwback to the days when Land Rover were under the evil spell of ‘Sauron’ or Ford as they are known. Look, Aston Martin use Ford engines for their V8 and V12 powerplants and these engines are made in Germany and heavily modified (disguised) by the power of Aston Martin branding. But what drew us to the Frontera is how very much alike it looks when compared to the Discovery Sport, OK so there is a 25 year gap, but it seems as though the designers of the Frontera had a premonition. Or you could argue that Land Rover stole the Frontera’s design cues. But we hardly think the designer of the Discovery Sport, Gerry McGovern, is going to poach ideas from elsewhere. We have to say the latter in order to cover our selfs in a legal sense. We can’t say Gerry McGovern is engaging in intellectual theft but we can’t rule out the possibility that Mr McGovern is a design ‘thief’. Or is He?  Discovery-Sport-vs-Vauxhall-Frontera
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