Upgrade your 4WD suspension
6 Benefits Of Upgrading Your 4WD Suspension

Although a lot of time goes into developing a suspension for four-wheel drive (4WD), there is always room for improvement. 4WD is designed to handle driving in rough terrains or managing heavy loads in a vehicle. This is also why the 4WD option comes in heavy vehicles like trucks and off-roaders. However, considering the usage, a factory-installed 4WD suspension can be inadequate, hence the need for an upgrade. Elite Tune is a one-stop shop for all your 4WD suspension issues and upgrade options, so be sure to check them out if you want quality upgrades for the suspension.

The following are a couple of benefits of upgrading the 4WD suspension of your vehicle.

Better Control

This is one of the prime reasons why you should upgrade the suspensions. The upgrade helps with better steering controls, especially in rugged terrains where it becomes challenging.

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As the shocks will also be upgraded, you will feel fewer bumps, and the drive will be smoother. It will also help with the grip, and the vehicle will have less air time when driven on an uneven surface.

Better Load Management

If you drive a truck and haul consignments across the rough terrain of Australia, upgrading 4WD suspension becomes a no-brainer. If you continue with factory-fitted suspension, it will wear and tear quickly. There are numerous options in the market regarding suspensions that are designed for load management. They help improve the performance of the shocks, which keeps the load from shifting from side to side.

Longer Life of Tires

A vehicle’s suspension has a massive impact on the life of the tires. Tires of heavy vehicles are worn out quickly; however, if you upgrade the suspension, the tension on the tires will also be reduced.

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This means better grip, longer life, and smooth driving on tough terrains. Additionally, a suspension upgrade will also allow for better on-road handling.

Better Clearance

Off-road enthusiasts face the biggest challenge of getting stuck on a dune or on heavy rocks. When the 4WD suspensions are upgraded, they lift the whole body of the vehicle. This allows them to clear road obstacles quickly without getting stuck on them. Add customized bumpers and tires, and you can be sure your vehicle will never stop on an off-road adventure.

Higher Visibility

When you upgrade the suspension, the overall height of your vehicle will also increase. This means you will have better visibility and see obstacles and other issues from a distance.

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For off-roading trips, this is extremely important as small obstacles can result in major accidents, especially at night. With added height, it becomes impossible not to spot incoming issues and obstacles.

Better Towing

If you love off-road trips, then you must know how to tow things to your truck. Be it a camping van or helping other drivers, an upgraded suspension helps improve the towing and overall strength of the vehicle. The 4WD suspension might be expensive, but the added security and performance features are worth spending your money on for personal and passenger safety.

Upgrade your 4WD suspension
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